Wearable Devices Market


It is always crazy kind of feeling when we think of the word SMART. Time is valuable and precious in everyone’s life. We are not spending time on our health because the process of recognizing the disease is complex and time taking, just think when your family Doctor comes and treat it without informing about your health problem! Smart things are always makes your life simple, comfortable and secure life .Health care industry revolution has been taking place With evolution of Wearable  medical devices.

Wearable medical devices inspects and measuresparameterslikeheartrate,caloriesspent,steps ordistance covered etc., withhelp ofsophisticatedevaluatingdevices.likeimplantablecardioverter,defibrillator,smart watches,smartjewellery,smart clothing and many more..         Wearable market devices are available on the basis of Diagnosting, Therapeutic and application.
Wearable market devices are playingcrucial role by enhancing medical industry. According to global ma…


Veera writing his public exams covering his face with handkerchief due to infection
on his face. Rakhita sits beside of Veera. She is not writing anything so veera showed
his answers to her.ssc results will come and Veera got 95% marks as district topper.
Rakshita will get 65% marks. Veera gets good seat in prestigious college. While
Rakshita will study her in a normal level college. Veera will go to net cafe and sends
a request to rakshita on a facebook. After some days rakshita will open facebook in
her own computer and sees a request which has come from Veera. She thinks twise
about him that “who is this person?,no photo” she doesn't get answer for it. Even
though she confirms his request as a friend. Veera completes his inter with 98%
marks as a state topper. Rakshita completes her inter with 71% day
rakshita sees a flexy board which is belongs to veera as a state topper at that time she
thinks herself “that life will become more enjoyful and safe if i have life par…


Once Vicky come to see basar after a long time.his engineering friend Ram
who is site engineer at basar will receive Vicky at the railway station.after
worshiping the saraswati devi both of them will come to rgukt campus .
Strike will be going on at the time of their arrival regarding internship
programme. Students will discus about internship programme with the
Director along with the end director says “you have to search for
internship programme yourself it's following from last 4 years i can't do
anything about providing internship from campus side” and goes from
their.then Vicky come and says “ i am so sorry for what is happening here.
I never seen like this outside not provinding internship.I will provide
internship within a month.dont worry” one student will raise the question
that “do you know what is engineering? without knowing anything how
can you provide internship?” Vicky replies: are you e3 student?
vicky:if you get internship within a month from myside …


once balayya comes to RGUKT college to listen the engineering lecture class is going on..... after some time faculty observes that one of students lookes outside while his girlfriend goes.... then faculty take out the cap of marker and throw it on him balayya stands and says.. meerila marker caps to students ni adukunte future lo RGUKT lo markers ki caps lekunda chesesta jagratta.... ......
faculty:power poina gani chaduvukokunda cinema chustunnaventi?
student: power lenappudu hub power use chesi  cinema chusae charitra nadi ekkuva matladite chaduvukune vari laptop battery tisukoni maree cinema chusta nannu gelakoddu.
sudents prati roju road pakkanunna shanaga chenu kelli ritu pantalo pavu shatam tinesaru.ritu tana last one year lo nina labam sadinchalani anukuntunna samayam lo ila jarugutundentani unna vatinina kapadukovadaniki... idi roju night jarugutundani ritu gamanichi oka roju kapala untadu. a roju biology 3 biology students ento krushito akkada unna pedda kaluvalantidi kuda dates…


God is only one always with you.Mother is a god---made of true heart,everyday rises for you.I will do it because I want to,I Want to becasue I need it.creativity will improve knowledge,knowledge will helpful to our futurebe a good person that will give you good futuresilence is your enemy. leave up that silence you will reach desired position which you want.nothing is impossible by you,silence is only one sin in your life.observe your each monent so that you can know what you are..An Educating person can success in her/his life only by concentrating on his/her behaviourA person can do anything and everything until and unless there is no mental tenction.A person who teaches very easy topics deeply is not a good teacher.